Please tell me that I’m not the only one who insists on taking a new photo for Christmas every year.  This year I wanted one that captured how cute my soon-to-be family is (Tom, me and the dogs). Tom thinks traditions like this are proof that I grew up in the Suburbs.

It took about fifty dozen photos and more than a few smart comments from my future Husband to get a card worthy photo. Really I should of just stopped with this one ^ because it captures our little family to a T.

Can you tell my new dog loves taking Christmas card photos? ^ Just loves it.

In the process I learned that photographing the black dog is going to take some creativity. Can you see him? ^ This is after I lightened the shadows up more than a bit.

How about now?^  And how about that crazy yellow glow in all the photos? That’s because the only overhead light in Tom’s living room has a reddish orange shade on it, perfect.

Well this is awkward.


Luckily, I have at least one dog who is more than used to posing for photos. And a very patient fiancé.