Who wouldn’t want a blood tube for their Christmas tree?
I know I would! And I know a bunch of science, medical/veterinary geeky types who would too. The other day when I came across a bag of expired blood tubes at the exact moment I was thinking of what to get my friends for Christmas I came up with this lovely idea. 
Step 1: Find a blood tube. If you’re in the medical/veterinary profession it should be pretty easy. If you are a livestock inspector like me, you have a bazillion and they are all expired- jack pot. 
Step 2: Tint some clear Elmer’s glue with red food coloring. Add a drop of blue if you want to make it look more coagulated (especially if it’s a red top).

Step 3: Loop a piece of fishing line thru the top of the blood tube, tie it in a knot and you’re done!

Note: The glue doesn’t dry all the way in the tube, at least it didn’t for me. The top stays on pretty well but you might want to use a strong glue to keep it shut.