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DIY Display Booth

Trade show displays. We all need them (or maybe not). My work needs one every August for our state fair. This year we wanted to buy two of those nice tall retractable banners except I was quoted $600 for one and we only had $0.00 to spend and four three weeks to get it made. Inspired by Pinterest and trying to save as much money as possible I decided to make a DIY Display Booth. The goal was to make it for $50.00 and we would have come close if only we used black and white graphics… 

The pinterest inspiration came from all of those pins for HUGE “DIY photo canvas” prints sprayed on foamboard like this. I figured getting large graphics printed would be the most difficult and costly part of the display so if we could DIY that, the rest would just flow together. It kind of worked that way…

Step 1: Print photos 30″X36″ and mount them to foam board ($6.70) with spray adhesive ($8.81). You can do it. Just keep repeating that. It is a pain in the butt but not impossible. Our prints cost $259 total because they were printed in color (and our very own oversized printer was broken) but as black and white “engineering prints” they could have been $1.90/ea. Can you imagine? I try not to think about it.

Step 2: Buy two pieces of the large 8ftX4ft home insulation board ($11.63/ea) from Lowes or Home Depot etc.

Step 3: Staple “background” colored fabric ($24.00) to insulation board with staple gun. I covered the whole thing but really just cover what will show if the photos block the rest {duh}.

Step 4: Staple your “wording” to the boards in between the photos. I just used text printed large on paper as to spare me from mounting something else to foam board.

Step 5:  Have an amazing father like mine who made these “backing stands” to hold up the insulation boards. Or construct them out of 2X2s.

Step 6: Have a brilliant boyfriend who tells you to buy these automobile screws from Napa Auto Parts for $8.32.

Step 7: Poke the automobile screws thru the fabric and foam board at the corners where you want the photos to be. So four total per photo.

Step 8: Hot glue the photos to the automobile screws which are connect to the display boards.  Lay the boards down first.

Step 9: Ta-da! That’s it. Wrap those puppies up  in trash bags and hope they make it there in one piece and that there is no humidity. Bring spray adhesive and a hot glue with you just in case and never volunteer to DIY ever again. 🙂

DIY Display Booth $290.26. 

DIY Display Booth

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