After convincing Tom that working for the state is the best gig around, he applied for a State mechanic position. He got called for an interview just 10 minutes from my office in Annapolis and needed to kill time before the intervew so we made yesterday Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day!
Everyday should be Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day. Especially when your boyfriend is a mechanic who fixes things. I was dead set on giving him the full exprience of my job so we stopped at my typical dunkin donuts {ate way too many munchkins}, met everyone in my office and I roped him into helping me organize our inventory. At a tractor dealership they organize inventory everyday, as an inspector I do it once a year, if I have too. Turns out inventory management isn’t as hard or as complicated as I make it out to be, neither as my job according to Tom. 
As I was complaining about how nothing would fit on our metal shelves and how we never had enough space, Tom went and adjusted the height of the middle section on each of shelves so everything would fit. I couldn’t offer him a hammer or a screw driver because I had never used one in the office before. The difference between hiring a girl vs. a guy? Not sure, but his shelving remodel gave me motivation to do more and complain less. I can move shelves around too, just never thought of it… 
The main reason I wanted him to come to our office was to help me think of a way to store bins in our emergency response box trailers without them sliding around when the trailers move. I’ve been thinking about it for about 5 months. It took Tom 4 minutes. “Just buy a regular shelf metal shelf, and flip it upside down so the lip will keep the bins from moving, then mount the shelf to the trailer walls.” Right. Like I said, everyday should be Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day. 
Plus we got to eat at Red Hot & Blue together!