Today for work I had to deliver an official document for signature to a Mennonite farmer for an investigation. Showing up in the middle of him milking and having him sign a paper for the government made me a little uneasy. Whenever I go to a farm or business for work I always pray before I get out. I pray for everything to go well and if at all possible, that I could be a blessing to whoever I meet.  Actually, I do this all the time for everything. “God let this go well, help me say the right things and let me be a blessing Lord..” 

When I pulled into the farm I was greeted by the cutest little girl ever. She stood from the milking parlor staring at me from the moment I got out of the truck. She got about two feet away and stared like I was the coolest thing she had ever seen, smiling the whole time. I greeted her dad and said hi to her but she didn’t say anything. I wanted to ask her name but wasn’t sure if that was ok so I awkwardly smiled back and waited the paperwork to get signed.

There was something about that girl made my whole day. She was adorable for one, wearing a bonnet and little Mennonite dress but more than that, she was full of life. You could see it beaming out of her. As we stood there smiling at each other I prayed for her. I prayed that the Lord would bless her and started to pray that she would know Him but I realized she probably already did. And that’s what it was, a love for God was literally pouring out of this little girl. It was in the way she wasn’t afraid of me or shy at all, in the way that she smiled and didn’t stop, and in the way she stood on her driveway as if she owned the world. I prayed that she would stay strong in the Lord and then prayed that my kids might be like her and that I might be like her, that when someone met me for four minutes they could pick up on the fact that I know God and that I love God.