The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia may be one of the prettiest places God made. Tom reenacts with a bunch of guys from there in the 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. This year after their company meeting they had a family dinner for a chance for all of us girlfriends and wives to meet the guys our guys always talk about. When Tom explained all of this he told me we could stay at an “old farmhouse” in Harrisonburg overnight for the whole weekend for free. So that meant…. No running water? No heat? The old farmhouse was the Widow Pence House in Port Republic, VA. It is BEAUTIFUL. Not only did it have heat, it had heated floors. We got there at night and stood in shock for a good ten minutes when we saw how nice it was. Someone really trusted us to just walk in and stay the night? They did and we felt so lucky. I kept telling Tom there had to be a catch, that they’d walk in and tell us to leave or that there would be a bill on the table the next day  Nope. Just two wonderful people who perserved a piece of history and want other people enjoy it.  We enjoyed it very much.

The Widow Pence Farm is preserved by by Dr. Irvin Hess and his wife Nancy. They bought it in conjunction with the Civil War Trust; one of the first preservation efforts of the Civil War Trust. Now they use it to host a civil war kids camp and to let peple like us come and gawk at the history and beauty of the Valley. Visit their website!