This mare was for sale at our livestock auction a few nights back. A 10 year old strawberry roan appolosa pony. For about 9 solid minutes I actually debated bidding on her. I even texted Tom to see if I could keep a horse at his house. His response: “ummmmm”, wasn’t a no but I came to my senses anyway.  I don’t know how to ride, I don’t have extra money, he doesn’t have extra pasture space. I have NO business owning a horse. But still I thought about it. Horses do that to you, especially pretty ones. She could be a cantankerous little hussy and a few illogical people like me would still bid on her. A girl about my age told me she was going to bid $200 so if I wanted her I’d have to match that. She’d never owned a horse either, and knew nothing about the mare, she just wanted this horse so she was going for it. Lucky girl.