It’s cold, raining and I’m watching bunch of guys wearing kepis shoot at tiles and clay pigeons. I sit and watch, get hot dogs when asked, try to read a book but it rains, try to stay warm but it rains. I took 2 days of leave to be here because this is what Tom likes to do. I’m a tough girl, no shower, no real bed, an old camper? No problem. But there’s something about being around a bunch of guys during their “guy time” that is…all I can think of is annoying.

Last time I came I decided not to come back. I did. Tom took vacation time to be here so so did I. Winchester is pretty and we have a free place to stay, what’s not to love? Staying positive I decided to take time to relax and I read a whole book. a. whole. book. But being there still felt…pointless. No other girls to talk to, a whole list of things to be doing at home, my first day off in 9 months. Stupid hobby. Stupid rain. Stupid old camper. I know all of this was written all over my face and I feel bad about that. Tom gave me his best snap on socks, bribed me with reeses cups and boones farm. Took me to a musuem and out to dinner. Still mad. Then I read some Max Lucado (my 2nd book!) which put things in perspective. Max Lucado is good at  that.

Something happens in Winchester though that makes me sort of, just sort of get it. To be able to leave things behind to do something you like to do because you like to do it. Wait. You can do that? That’s pretty cool.