This morning I raked leaves and played with my dog. The leaves don’t need to be raked yet, (until now I didn’t believe in raking them at all) I didn’t have to work until 10am, the last thing I would think to do was yard work. But I did. And it just may have changed my life.

Morning work-outs make your whole day better. It’s a fact. My dog needs to be walked everyday to help with his hip dysplasia & sanity. And every morning I think I should try to do something productive before work but I never do.

1. I never wake up in time
2. The dog can’t jog for as long as I need to work-out so I end up going to the gym anyway
3. Walking up and down the street is boring, even the dog gets bored and refuses to walk after awhile
4. I’d rather look at pinterest because that’s really important

But today I raked leaves. It wasn’t a work out but it put me in the same good mood. The dog didn’t rake leaves but he ran around like crazy dog because I was in the yard. Win.Win.Win. Better than the gym, better than walking on the street, better than sleeping in.