I love my job. I absolutely love my job. I tell people this all the time and they say “but isn’t there anything you would rather do?” And especially if they hear how much I make they ask, “what about something that makes more money?” or “don’t you want to advance further?”

The truth is I don’t want more money. A salary isn’t my version of success. The only thing I’d rather do than my job is be mom and get to stay home. That sounds crazy because I love my job, why would I ever want to stay home instead and because who seriously wants kids. Ok I do, but still.

I get paid to do exactly what I want to do and I can’t believe it. The other day I was talking about life plans, my job, my plans to be mom who stays home and I got in a discussion about what one’s husband’s salary would have to be for that to happen. Turns out it’s probably a ton more than I thought. I was starting to get discouraged, thinking neither I nor my future husband could ever make enough to be my version of successful and what good is my great job if it wouldn’t be enough to raise a family when I got some good advice..

“Do you eat out? Do you go on vacations? Do you need a fancy car? Do you like peanut butter and jelly? You can make it happen. Don’t worry about what other people say is success. Define your own happiness, find what makes you the happiest and go for it. That’s what success is.”

It was one of those moments that give you goose bumps and it was told to me by the veterinarian who runs our lab. She is pretty brilliant let me tell you.